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Materials list for Dive Into Color class

Dive Into Color with Nuno Felt Materials List (by project): (click here for .pdf)

Project 1: Color Palettes

Wool Roving‘Dive Into Color Workshop Palette’

  • Special Color Palette sample set created by Outback Fibers for our workshop. Consists of 82 colors of Superfine Wool Roving. Call Outback Fibers to purchase one, they will deliver it to The Felter’s Rendezvous

Silk yardage – 5 momme open weave habotai, georgette or gauze

*       5-10 colors in small squares or strips approx. 12x12 inches each

Eye For Color color wheel system (optional)

  • Can be purchased in class

Color Swap (optional)

  • Extra small pieces of silk to share with the class if you would like participate in a color swap

Project 2: Dread Neck Necklace

Wool Roving – Superfine (19 micron or thinner):

*       1 Main Color: 2 ounce

*       3-5 Accent Colors (optional): 0.5 ounce total

Silk yardage – 5 momme open weave habotai, georgette or gauze

*       3 colors in very small strips (can use pieces from Project 1)

 Natural Fiber Accents (optional)

  • 100% Wool yarn (make sure not superwash) 

Project 3: Crossover Purse

Wool Roving – Superfine (19 micron or thinner):

*       Long Strap: 1 color –  2 ounces

*       Side 1 (outside): 1 color – 1 ounce

*       Side 2 (inside): 1 color – 1 ounce

*       3-5 Accent Colors (optional): 0.5 ounce total 

Wool Roving – Fine+ (22 micron or thicker):

*       Inner layer: 1 color – 1 ounce (this wool won’t show much, but color should complement color for Side 1) 

Silk yardage – 5 momme open weave (100% Silk Habotai, Georgette or Gauze):

*       Side 1: 3-5 colors, total of 1 yards

*       Side 2: 3-5 colors, total of ½ yard

100% Natural Fiber Accents (optional):

  • 100% Wool yarn (make sure not superwash)
  • Silk and Bamboo Tussah

*     Silk Hankies 

Source suggestions:

Nuno Felting Materials can be ordered on-line through the following sources for guaranteed nuno felting success:

  • OutbackFibers.com - Dive Into Color Workshop Palette, Silk Yardage, Wool Roving, Silk Hankies (allow 1 week for delivery, or can be picked up at Felter’s Rendezvous)
  • kangaroodyer.com - Hand dyed Silk Yardage (allow 2 weeks)

Tools List:


*     1 piece floor underlayment 30 inches x 30 inches

Tape measure

Straight edge

1 roll clear packing tape

Sharpie permanent felt pen


Felting and Fulling:

*       1 roll 0.5 or 0.7 mil Painter’s plastic drop cloth (needs to be light or very light duty)

1 piece indoor non-slip rug pad (medium hole) 30 inches x 6 feet

4 – 3”x3” squares cut out of non-skid drawer liner, rubber with holes

*       1 piece approx. 2’ x 3’ Thermo Tex Ground Solar pool blanket or bubble wrap

*       1 Ball Brause or Spray Bottle

1 bottle Dawn liquid dish soap

#       2 old Bath Towels

thin plastic grocery bag or shower scrunchy

*       Polyester shower curtain (no waterproof coating) cut to 30 inch x 30 inch

#       1 Plastic bucket or dishwashing bin

1 saucepan

1 box Gallon ziplock bags

2 knee high nylons

Class Fee – none


* These items will be available for sale during the Rendezvous at the Rendezvous Marketplace

# These materials will be available to borrow at no charge (first come/first served)  from the Felting Source during the Rendezvous.