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Felted Accessories: All Types of Fun Materials List

Student Materials List: (click here for .pdf)

  • about 12 ounces (1.5 ounces of each color) 24-31 micron wool roving
  • about 3-5 ounces plant fibers (viscose, hemp, ramie, bamboo, cotton, tensel, silk.... all or any).
  • about 3 ounces multi/single color yarn (make sure that wool content is no less than 30-40%);
  • small patches (about 10x10") of natural light fabric of contrasted colors, including black and white (preferably silk chiffon or gauze)
  • * several decorative pieces: buttons, small stones, large beads
  • shelf liner mat
  • * bubble wrap 1 sq. yard
  • * netting
  • sharp scissors
  • needle and thread matching with color of wool (just in case);
  • * soap (bring the one you used to work with; it could be dishwasher soap);
  • * sprinkler (could be a plastic bottle with perforated cap);
  • * under flooring laminate 1 sq. yard (to make the pattern); 
  • * 2 sheets of thin plastic film 1 sq. yard;
  • Marker
  • Calculator
  • measuring tape
  • pen and writing paper
  • * Felting tools for hardening felt (i.e. * Palm Washboard or Turbo Felting Board)
  • Rolling pin
  • # 3 small towels
  • 4 rubber bands
  • rinsing plastic tub
  • needle felting kit (in case you want add some of that technique into your work).
  • Duct tape

Note: * Items can be purchased during the Rendezous at the Rendezvous Marketplace.

# Items may be borrowed from The Felting Source at no charge (but "first come/first served")