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If at first you don’t succeed…

We all know the ending of that phrase is, “try, try again.” Felt making is like that. There are infinite varieties of colors, textures, techniques, and processes out there. Some methods work better than others; some work for some of us but not for other people. Some work once but not twice. But, one of […]

Lifelong learning

When I took my first class in felt making I thought that was it. Now that I knew how to make felt; I knew felting. How wrong I was! Had I been listening closely to my instructor, I would have heard really heard and understood—when she said, “There are as many ways to make felt […]

Shambolic Felt: Recycling, Improving, and Renewing

It’s not new, but that is the beauty of it. Shambolic, when you look up the meaning of the word, is chaotic, cluttered, messy, muddled, and untidy, but that is what I love about shambolic felt. My first exposure to it was in a class taught by Marlene Greuter where we made a shambolic jacket. […]

Thinking like an engineer

Felting is like engineering to me. I was an English major, never an engineer and not once took a course even remotely related to engineering. So I really should say felting is like what I perceive engineering to be! It includes thinking inside out, upside down, and devising ways to join which part to what […]

Missing Felter’s Rendezvous Friendships

A favorite Hemingway quote has hung on the wall of my office for many, many years. It resonates with me in so many different situations: To paraphrase, he said, when a bad thing ends, the time you spent on it fills up on its own; when a good thing ends, you have to search to […]