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Materials List for Beth Marx’ Nuno-Felted Seamless Collage 4-way Vest

Note: some materials are available for sale or loan.

* Available for sale in Rendezvous Marketplace

+ Available for loan from The Felting Source, first come-first served, contact Deb Tewell


* At least 12 ounces of fine or super fine Merino wool roving (not super wash) ~18-20 microns for the vest and the pre-felts. White or one or more colors to coordinate or contrast with your silk fabrics.

* 8-12 yards of sheer silk fabric for the vest and the pre-felts.

Can be one color or more, solid or print

Can be several smaller pieces to total 8-12 yards.

You can buy white silk and dye it or use recycled fabric such as sheer recycled clothing, silk scarves, etc.

Silk 3-5 momme: gauze, chiffon, habotai, paj, Margilan (Uzbek or butterfly), or China silk

* Optional items to embellish: silk hankies, ribbons, yarns, silk saris, other fibers, additional silk scrap fabric, tussah silk, etc.

NOTE: We will be sandwiching one layer of wool roving between two layers of silk fabric. For the first layer of silk, I suggest one or two solid colors in a sheer 3 momme weight. All white is OK for this first layer or buy white and dye it. I suggest a variety of silk fabrics in 3-5 momme weight for the second layer. We will also be using wool roving and a variety of silk fabrics to create pre-felts. It’s best to bring a variety of silk fabrics, both prints and solids are fine. In addition to the silk that I am asking you to bring, I will be providing a small sample of sari silks that you can use in some of your pre-felts as part of the class fee.


An existing short sleeve or sleeveless top (tunic, blouse or tank top) that you want to use for your pattern. You will just be tracing it so don’t worry about it getting ruined. Keep it as simple as possible.

* Two large pieces of bubble wrap, each about 7’- 8’ long and 3’-5’ wide. You can use duct tape to tape narrower pieces of bubble wrap together.

* A large piece of underlayment, about 6’ long and 3-5’ wide

* A ball brauser or sprayer for applying the soapy water to your project

+ Several old towels

+ Eight table risers such as bed risers or PVC pipes (optional).

3-4 different color sharpies or colored pens for making the pattern

Duct tape (optional)

Notebook to take notes

Tape measure


Yardstick or T-square.


+ Bucket for water

* Your favorite felting soap (liquid soap, olive oil soap)

+ Pool noodle

+ Two or three old panty hose or knee highs or other ties to tie your felting bundle

Needle & thread to sew bar pin on back of the felted flower

* Available for sale in Rendezvous Marketplace

+ Available for loan from The Felting Source, first come-first served