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Shambolic Felt: Recycling, Improving, and Renewing

By: Deb Tewell Wednesday October 26, 2016 comments Tags: Shambolic Felting, Felting Class taught by Marlene Greuter

Shambolic Felt: Recycling, Improving, and Renewing

It's not new, but that is the beauty of it. Shambolic, when you look up the meaning of the word, is chaotic, cluttered, messy, muddled, and untidy, but that is what I love about shambolic felt. My first exposure to it was in a class taught by Marlene Greuter where we made a shambolic jacket. Our pre-workshop assignment was to put together a collection of articles of silk clothing from second hand shops. How fun was that--my kind of homework assignment! The colors I chose were in the teal and salmon families, augmented with cream,... Read More