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Materials List for Jenny Hill’s Parisian Bolero Jacket

Note: some materials are available for sale or loan.

* Available for sale in Rendezvous Marketplace

+ Available for loan from The Felting Source, first come-first served, contact Deb Tewell


There are endless selections of fabric to choose from for this project, including silk with embroidered sequins, cotton lace, textured silks, etc. Lighter fabrics work best to compensate for the extra weight of the fabric texture. Please only select natural fabric fibers, with an open weave, such as cotton or silk as they felt the best for this type of project.

* 2•••-4yds. of texture, embroidered or patterned nuno fabric (organza, chiffon, or gauze). As with fabric for all nuno felt projects, the fabric must have an open weave. Be sure the embroidery can safely get wet. (The fabric yard amount depends on your body size and how long you want your bolero to be. The amount used in the project picture was 2 yards, plus the amount for a 10x10inch fabric piece to create a sample. It is best to have more material than not enough.) Be sure to note Jenny’s offer in the class description to purchase fabric for you on her London trip!

* 1 lbs. of 19 micron Merino wool in a coordinating color with your textured nuno fabric. (As with fabric amount, the amount of wool used depends on the size of your piece. The project picture used about 9 oz of wool. It is better to have more wool available for your project.)

Any buttons or fasteners you would like to use in the finishing of your jacket

SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT * Hand Felting Tool (Such as Palm Washboards by Heart Felt Silks)

* Soap, I prefer working with olive oil soap bars

* Bubble Mat: basic packaging bubbles or a soft pool cover, approximately 6’ x 5’

* Ties and rolling rod for rolling up project in bubble mat

* Approximately 6’ x 5’ sheet of 6mm painters’ plastic for resist bolero pattern

* Approximately 20” x 32” resist plastic, lighter weight (about weight of a garbage bag)

Smudge-proof marker for drawing out resist pattern

+ Water dispenser

* Plastic netting

Basic sewing kit with matching thread to your project

Fabric scissors

Multi-purpose scissors for cutting the pattern

Sketch book or paper for planning your design. You will do sketches and calculate shrink factor.

Inspirational images and/or sketches to kick-start your creative planning (for example, Jenny used various shots of Paris to inspire this piece)

Sewing tape measure

Water proof duct tape for resist

* Available for sale in Rendezvous Marketplace

+ Available for loan from The Felting Source, first come-first served