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Materials List for Pat Spark’s Marvelous Margilan—Working with this Incredible Material

Note: some materials are available for sale or loan.

* Available for sale in Rendezvous Marketplace

+ Available for loan from The Felting Source, first come-first served, contact Deb Tewell


* 8 ounces total, merino wool top: 18-20 microns - in 3 or 4 coordinating colors.

* 3 ounces total light weight cellulose fibers such as bamboo or viscose in colors to coordinate with the merino colors.

* Margilan silk – Rarefied (scrim) for sample backgrounds: ½ yard in a color to coordinate

with the merino.

Margilan silk – Sparse or Rarefied for collage/ inclusion sample: ¼ yard pieces in 3 or 4

coordinating colors. (That also coordinate with the merino.)

Margilan silk – Rarefied (scrim) for final scarf. 1 piece, 90 inches x 15 inches. A color that

coordinates with the merino fiber. (This is 2.5 yards in length. You will not use the

whole piece and the rest of the fabric can be used for the sample backgrounds.)

Purchasing Margilan Silk:

Margilan rarified or sparse silk fabric:

Pat will have available ½ and 2½ yard pieces of Sparse and Rarified Margilan Silk in a variety of colors. $6 per half yard. $30 per 2.5 yard pieces. A half yard makes two fat or two linear quarters. The 2.5 yard piece will make two scarves or one scarf and two fat quarters. If you want certain colors, let her know in advance. [email protected]

Katia Mokeyeva also sells a hand dyed silk which is equivalent to the rarefied Margilan silk. https://www.feuer-und-wasser.com/margilan-silk

Galibaba on Etsy also sells a hand dyed silk which they call Scrim. This is equivalent to the rarefied Margilan silk. They also sell other types of Margilan silk. Be sure you are ordering the scrim and not the gauze or excelsior. https://www.etsy.com/shop/GaliBaba

Outback Fibers also sells rarified and sparse under the names butterfly and gossamer. Contact them for more information on weights, width, and cost, www.outbackfibers.com. They will also have this on hand to sell in the Rendezvous Marketplace.

Cari Cook, local silk dyer, also carries Margilan silk; contact her through her web site,

https:/thequiltedhorse.net. She, also, will have Margilan for sale at her booth in the

Rendezvous Marketplace.

* Viscose (white, available at Marketplace)

Galibaba on Etsy has wonderful sample packs of viscose fiber in a variety of colors. This is a great way to get several different colors that can be used together. https://www.etsy.com/shop/GaliBaba.


Waterproof ruler or tape measure.


+ Quart sized container for holding soapy water

+ Bath towels (at least 4 per day, 1 can be hand towel size – 3 should be large bath size).

Waterproof marking pen.

* Water sprinkler (Bottle with some sort of spray nozzle

Notebook and pen or pencil

* Kiss my face or other brand of olive oil soap bar

Plastic apron (if desired)

Any favorite felting/rubbing tools you have such as Palm Washboard, Tupperware lid, pebble board or glass washboard.

2 large pieces of .4ml drop cloth plastic 24” x 100” each

Rubber non-skid rug mat/grip cloth with small/medium holes 18” x 100”

4 -8 Stretchy ties 15”-18” in length (can be old panty hose, knee highs, cut up t-shirts, etc.)

* Some means to lift the tables. 12” pieces of 1 ½ inch PVC pipe work well for the usual

metal legged banquet tables. Bed lifters work well for other types of tables. (Pat will

bring 3 sets of each with her and Deb has some to loan. Tables at the hotel will have

curved legs, so either type will work well.

Sander Information: For the Margilan techniques taught in this class, the sander makes the best, flat surface on the felt.

Finishing sander if you have your own. (Pat has a few to use.)

Ear plugs, because the sanders are noisy.

Portable GFI (Ground Fault Interrupters) (Pat has a few to use.)

Heavy duty extension cord for your sander. (Pat has a couple to use.)

OPTIONAL, Camera/Phone to keep track of techniques in process.

Note: If you have any other favorite tools you can’t be without when you felt, bring them if you’d like.