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Felting with Color

Tuesday August 8, 2017 comments

Anyone who looks at my felting will know I love color and love working with it. Often people will comment on my "sense of color," but I see it as simply not being afraid and boldly moving forward with bright and attractive colors and color combinations.

But where does the inspiration come from? I have a few tools in the tool chest that I use. One is that I look at my stash of raw materials and choose a starting color that I feel like working with that day--something that touches me--and work out from there. I sometimes look at my current inventory and decide where the holes are, which colors I am short of in the inventory. And most fun, I buy a new piece of silk or bundle of roving and want to use it right away. It then becomes the color scheme I work with. Any of these ways, color continues to inspire me and figure heavily into my felt-making. 

I've always loved textiles of all sorts and have bought pieces over the years just because they appealed to m,not that they had a functional purpose. I've also thought how fun it might have been to have designed fabric.

A slow afternoon at my art show booth is perfect for people-watching. Soon I wasn't watching people, but the fabrics and patterns and color combinations they were wearing. It became my perfect color wheel of inspiration. I started making a list of the color combinations I was particularly drawn to. I know there were combinations outside my usual range of colors and it was a fun way to pass the time.

If you see something from me that resembles my list, you'll know where my inspiration came from!





rust-rose- cream