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By: Deb Tewell Tuesday November 14, 2017 comments

Every once in a while when the stars align a unique opportunity presents itself. Such were the stars when the Felter’s Rendezvous was able to contract with Maggy Pavlou to teach for our 2018 event. She does not teach all that often and I’d admired her felting for a long time.

Since I’d never taken a class from her or even met her, I thought I’d contact her about meeting her when I had some business to take care of an hour away from her studio. The stars aligned again when I was able to spend a few days with Maggy learning the basics of her techniques. The best way to summarize my learning was that I saw 'creativity', 'ingenuity', 'complete understanding of felt-making' and 'simplicity of method' mesh together.

She guided me through half a dozen samples of different felted fabrics she’d developed, then through the best wearable I’ve ever felted—a coat.

It is exciting to add a new tool to my felting toolboxes! I came home ready to adapt her technique and find my own voice using hers as a basis.

I hope everyone who has registered for Maggy’s Felters Rendezvous class comes away as excited and enthused—and as ready to felt some more—as I did! There are a few last spots in her class, so I’d encourage you to take a deeper look. 

Deb Tewell

About the Author: Deb Tewell

When other little girls were taking piano and dance lessons I was wandering through fields, climbing the neighborhood hill, catching grasshoppers or exploring the creek. My indoor activities were based on art and “making things.” I always had a paintbrush or pencil in my hand and have enjoyed drawing and creating for as long as I can remember. 

Both these activities have been big parts of who I am. My love of the out-of-doors determined interpretive naturalist career, and now felt-making describes the artistic side, both are important parts of me.